Innuendo hurler in chief is at it again

Donald J. Trump has hurled another innuendo at local election officials, alleging voter fraud without offering a scintilla of evidence to buttress his latest specious complaint.

He said he lost New Hampshire in the 2016 presidential election to Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton because of “voter fraud” in the Granite State.

Does he have any proof? Is there any evidence to support the president? Of course not! It’s not how Donald Trump rolls.

He lost the popular vote nationally to Clinton by nearly 3 million ballots. Trump said the margin came from millions of illegal votes cast by undocumented immigrants in California. Did he ever produce any evidence of that? Nope. None, man! Zilch.

He formed a phony commission to root out voter fraud headed by Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, but then disbanded the commission suddenly. Hmm. Why do you suppose he did that? My guess is that there was nothing to back up the ridiculous notion that Trump has posited.

So now he’s going after New Hampshire officials. He alleges voter fraud. There likely isn’t any.

The Innuendo Hurler in Chief is disgracing his office yet again.

One thought on “Innuendo hurler in chief is at it again”

  1. There is some evidence of Voter Fraud. It is known, that a number of unregistered voters tried to vote and were stopped at the polls. But how many got through and actually voted.

    How many had been supplied with fake documents that passed scrutiny?

    We’ll never know.

    How many undocumented voters voted for Hillary? How many voted for Trump?

    We’ll probably never know. What we do know, is our election system is vulnerable to fraud both from within and from outside the traditional election system. The Republicans call for Election Reform. The Democrats are against Election Reform. In my way of thinking, if something is vulnerable to fraud and needs strengthening, and one faction is against fixing the vulnerability, then something tells me that faction wants to exploit that vulnerability for their own benefit.

    That’s like a body shop that repaired your vehicle, but didn’t repair the

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