Danes won’t give up Greenland? Why, I never …

Donald J. Trump wants to purchase Greenland, the monstrous Arctic territorial island that belongs to Denmark.

My question is this: With what? How much money? Surely the president doesn’t think he can plunk down, oh, $7 million … the amount of money President Andrew Johnson paid in 1867 for Alaska in that purchase from the Russians. They called it “Seward’s Folly,” in “honor” of then Secretary of State William Seward, who negotiated the deal with the czar; it turned out to be a damn good investment.

Trump decided he would postpone a planned visit to Denmark after that country’s prime minister balked at the notion of selling Greenland to the United States.

Trump is trying to wheel-deal a real estate transaction the way he did when he just a commercial real estate mogul.

Good grief, dude. Get real.

The idiocy that comes from Donald Trump continues to astound many of us. Not those who hang on to his every ridiculous utterance, though. They’ll just need to explain to the rest of us how it is that their man, Trump, is not embarrassing the nation he was elected to govern.

Must I remind them that Donald Trump’s business credentials aren’t nearly as shiny and spiffy as he portrayed them while running for president? There. I just did.

One thought on “Danes won’t give up Greenland? Why, I never …”

  1. There is a precedent here. The United States has on two different occasions offered to buy Greenland. Denmark refused to sell, and we bought Alaska instead. And as you say, Alaska turned out to be a good purchase.

    In Denmark’s case , The island is rich with natural resources, iron, titanium and other metals. (As global warming continues, the ice will melt allowing access to these minerals.) It is strategic in our Global defense. We already have an air base there. And, as the ice melts, and the climate warms, more agricultural land will be available. If you think about it, it’s not a bad idea. But, with all this going for it, why should Denmark sell?

    But then the Press over looks the reasons for and only questions “Why?”

    When did investigative journalism stop being investigative?

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