Trump attacks pols who keep, um, keep getting re-elected

Donald Trump is on another Twitter binge, this time taking on U.S. House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, whose panel has been examining some issues relating to the way the president manages the executive branch.

Cummings has been, shall we say, highly critical of Trump. He’s a Democrat; Trump is a (sort of) Republican. There you have it. Enough said on that matter … for now.

Trump has said Cummings’s congressional district, the 7th of Maryland, is “rat- and rodent-infested.” He says it is unfit for human habitation, which if you think about it is a miserable insult to hurl at the human beings who live there. He calls Cummings a terrible representative for his largely African-American district.

I wonder: How is it that Cummings keeps getting re-elected? He has been serving his community for two decades … and then some! If he’s doing such a terrible job, why do his constituents keep sending him back down the road to D.C. to represent their interests in the halls of power on Capitol Hill?

That is how “representative democracy” is supposed to work. We elect men and women to represent our interests. If they do a good job, we send them back until they no longer want to run for re-election. If they do a poor job, we have the right — and the power — to boot them out of office.

The president ought to let the people Cummings’s congressional district be the judge on whether he’s doing a “terrible job” on their behalf.

One thought on “Trump attacks pols who keep, um, keep getting re-elected”

  1. Maybe he has a point, but probably not. I looked at the US Census Demographics :
    18% 65 years old
    53% somewhere in between

    86% finished HS
    35% finished college

    35% White
    55% Black
    33% Latino

    * Yes I noticed the Federal Demographics added up to 123% and that wasn’t counting Asian or other races. If “The Donald” gets is information from the government, maybe we shouldn’t criticize what he says. Or maybe that’s where the government’s been hiding those Aliens that we thought were at Area 51

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