So, just who is the politician who ‘hates’ America?

I cannot get past Donald Trump’s assertion that four members of Congress who criticize him and his policies “hate” the country they take an oath to protect and defend against foreign enemies.

Yes, the president takes the oath, too.

Who among them, though, has demonstrated faithfulness to their respective oaths?

Trump has gone to rhetorical war against Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley. They “hate” the country, Trump said, because of the terrible things they say about the country, its leaders.

But wait a second!

Have any of them sided with a foreign hostile leader in the argument over whether his government attacked our electoral system? Trump has done precisely that, denigrating our professional intelligence agents and analysts who say Russia attacked our system in 2016.

Who among those four lawmakers has said called a murderous tyrant a “smart cookie” and a man with whom he has fallen “in love”? None! Yet the president has said those things about North Korean despot Kim Jong Un, in whom he has placed his trust in a phony pledge to stop developing nuclear weapons.

Donald Trump has exhibited more signs of “hatred” toward the nation by his dismissing of experts’ and by his snuggling up to dictators than anything these lawmakers have said.

The president’s incessant lying insults Americans’ sensibilities at every turn. He accuses one of the lawmakers, Rep. Omar, of “anti-Semitism” and yet he says via Twitter that she is free to return to the country of her birth — which she fled when she was 12 to become a U.S. citizen. The president’s tweets are soaked in racist intent — and yet he has the audacity to level charges of bigotry against other public officeholders?

Donald Trump’s calculated effort to divide the electorate and to appeal only to those who endorse his rhetorical clap-trap is fundamentally more hateful than the criticism he is receiving.

2 thoughts on “So, just who is the politician who ‘hates’ America?”

  1. So, here’s what I get from your post: you’re O.K. w/ members of congress supporting Hamas, PLO, and Muslim Brotherhood factions and their actions against civilian Israeli citizens, attempting to promote a foreign invasion along the southern border by subverting CBP budget and then criticizing them for not providing more comfortable conditions while in temp. detention. I also get that your hatred for President Trump so clouds your views that there can be nothing the President does that will be a positive for this country. Nothing except resign…Am I wrong?

    1. Hey, that’s pretty close. Except for a couple of points. Who in Congress has ever “supported” Hamas, PLO or the Muslim Brotherhood? If you can provide a name or two, then I’d also like to see where and when they have expressed such “support” for organizations dedicated to killing innocent human beings. Sure, POTUS can win me over … if he adopts a fundamentally different view of government, exhibits authentic sympathy, compassion and understanding of the plight of many millions of his constituents and starts behaving like the head of state/head of government/commander in chief of the world’s greatest nation. Short of that, he needs to leave office. Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated as always. Really and truly.

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