Favoring a more centrist alternative to Trump

I am going to declare my belief that the next president of the United States of America need not take the country into the ditch lined with “democratic socialistic” policies.

I want the next election to produce a president who takes a more centrist, mainstream, traditional view of government.

Donald Trump got elected president in 2016 because he managed to appeal to enough voters looking for a radical change in the way a president did business. They got what he promised: radical change. The consequence is that it has produced chaos, confusion, controversy throughout, from top to bottom.

Democrats have lined up a thundering herd of candidates who want to replace Trump in the White House. Some of the loudmouths of the bunch want things like “Medicare for all,” they want to redistribute the wealth, they rail against “income inequality.”

These are the so-called progressives in the Democratic Party.

Among those who are running to be nominated by their party is a group of what I would call “traditional liberal” politicians. They talk about using government to lend a hand when needed. They speak about border security in terms that I can embrace. They want to maintain a strong military establishment, which I also embrace. They seek to shore up our international alliances. They understand the reality that the world is shrinking and that the United States cannot stand alone against the rest of the planet.

I think of Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker and perhaps even Kamala Harris as the candidates I find most appealing even at this early stage of the 2020 campaign. I’m still trying to wrap my head around Beto O’Rourke, Julian Castro, Pete Buttigieg.

I won’t embrace one- or two-issue candidates, such as Jay Inslee, Bernie Sanders, or even Elizabeth Warren.

I want this nation to elect a president with some practical political experience. Does this sound like an endorsement of, say, former Vice President Biden? It might but don’t take it to the bank.

This “experiment” we launched with the election of Donald Trump has proven — to my way of thinking — to be a bust, a loser, a festering pile of bullsh**.

I have expressed my desire for a newcomer to burst onto the scene. I wanted someone to burst out front the way a formerly obscure ex-Georgia governor did in 1976. Jimmy Carter’s election as president produced decidedly mixed results and he got thumped in the 1980 election. That was then. The here and now seemed to call out for another newcomer to upset the race for the White House.

I don’t think that candidate will emerge. We are left with a smattering of centrists who will fight it out for the presidency. That’s all right. I will await someone from that group to emerge as the individual I want to show Donald Trump the door in January 2021.

One thought on “Favoring a more centrist alternative to Trump”

  1. The problem for many years is that the Two Major Political Parties are not working together for the good of the United State nor the American People. Politics is the fine art of compromise. There is not “Art” here, there is no “Compromise” here. Both Parties practice 180 Degrees of Separation. If the early colonists had taken this road, we’d still been ruled by the “Crown.”

    Although, I call myself a Republican, I am not myopic enough to not see that sometimes, even the Republicans are not 100% correct in their view. And most assuredly the Democrats are not 100% correct. But each party COULD work together to forge strength and unity in America, rather than to weaken America by disunity.

    America is not 100% perfect and never will be. But America could be much better than it is…….. if only the politicians would allow it.

    We need stronger borders. We can’t keep accepting refugees and illegal immigrants. We can’t afford it.

    We let American Industry move plants and factories to other countries leaving millions of Americans and immigrants without jobs. What political Brainiac came up with that solution?

    None of our politicians care about other people’s jobs, only in keeping theirs. This is why we need Term Limits. We need new blood and new ideas in Government as well as preserving American Traditions and America itself for it’s Citizens.

    I can point at the Press with keeping these problems alive…makes good news. But, the Press should report the “Facts” and the “Truth” and encourage people to take responsibility in shaping and strengthening America, and not tearing it apart.

    Wait a minute…. I’m not an editorial writer or journalist. That’s your expertise. You should take the first step in unification. Don’t split people apart, encourage them to set aside their differences, their politics and whatever else. Tell them to “Stand Up’, become an “American” …. not just being “Born” American, but to become an American. Work to continue to “Build” America and NOT to tear it apart, and certainly, not stand in the shadows and do nothing.

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