Trump says ‘voters don’t care’ about tax returns; wrong!

What do you mean, Mr. President, that “voters didn’t care” about your tax returns?

I am a voter! I surely do care about your tax returns!

I believe, sir, I have a right to see them, along with millions of other Americans. Why am I insisting on seeing them? I’ll tell you why.

You said during the 2016 presidential campaign that you would release them. Then you reneged.

You kept bragging about what a brilliant businessman you were prior to running for president. Now we hear that you weren’t what you said you were, with all those losses for a decade prior to 1994.

As president, you are responsible for helping assess tax burdens on all Americans. Yes, you propose tax rates, but Congress disposes of them. Still, we need to know whether you are paying the same “fair share” you are demanding of the rest of us.

Finally, previous presidents and candidates for president have released their returns. They aren’t legally bound to do it. It’s customary. It’s tradition.

So, Mr. President, do not put words in my mouth. Besides, you are too shameless a liar whose own words cannot be trusted in any shape or form.

I care a lot about seeing those tax returns.

Turn ’em over!

One thought on “Trump says ‘voters don’t care’ about tax returns; wrong!”

  1. I have been a proponent of doing away with the income tax all together and implementing a National Sales Tax. We are used to State Sales Taxes. I pay over 8% on every thing I buy, except food and medicine.

    And a Federal Sales Tax would be fair to every one regardless of income. If the tax were 10%, it you bought a T Shirt at Wally World for $10, you would pay $1 in sales tax. If you buy a designer T shirt for $100, you pay $10 sales tax.

    The downside. With no income tax, tens of thousands of accountants would be out of a job. Nancy Pelosi would be reduced to asking Donald Trump to produce sales receipts. Thousands of lazy government employees would be off the Federal Tax role and forced to work for a living. We might even have a balanced budget for a change

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