Courts not involved in impeachment, Mr. POTUS

OK, Mr. President. Let me be clear: I am not on your side. I want you gone from the office you occupy.

However, I am not yet ready to climb aboard the impeachment haywagon. Maybe I’ll get there. Just not yet.

There. Having gotten that off my chest, I feel the need to remind you — and all those Trumpsters, if they’re paying attention — about a fundamental aspect of impeachment.

Your statement today that the “courts wouldn’t allow” the House of Representatives to impeach you is born of utter ignorance.

The House has the sole authority to impeach a president, sir. The courts have nothing to say about it. The Constitution doesn’t allow it. The Constitution invests the full power of impeachment in the elected body of politicians comprising the House.

Really, Mr. President, you ought to read the governing document. The impeachment matter is inscribed in Article I as clearly as it gets.

But your base of supporters don’t care about that, either. I know those are the folks to whom you are speaking. They cheer you on. They are ignorant, too, of what the Constitution allows . . . or appear to be ignorant.

Just so that I am clear, Mr. President, please understand that whatever the House decides to do regarding impeachment will come only after it does its homework. The only positive statement I will make to you at this moment is that the Senate and its majority of sycophants do not appear ready to convict you of any charge that the House would bring.

Oh, and Mr. President, the Senate has the sole authority to put presidents on trial. That’s in the Constitution, too.

One thought on “Courts not involved in impeachment, Mr. POTUS”

  1. Impeachment is being bantered about, but what are the charges? Are they relevant, have previous Presidents been involved in similar matters, yet were not impeached.

    The Constitution looks at things like Treason, Bribery or other high crimes. Some say that Trump sided with Russia on a matter. So…… are we at war with Russia currently? No. Even the Cold War has ended. So Treason…. no evidence of it.

    Is Trump guilty of bribery? I’m sure in business deals, money changed hands to seal the deal. So perhaps. But, Trump would be tried by Congress. One would be hard pressed to find members of congress in which money (even to a campaign fund or another favor) in exchange for support of a bill or government acquisition, or to overlook something.

    But if Trump is a crook in some way, he WOULD be tried by his peers. (others who have in some way engaged in favors in exchange for something.) Let those with guilt, through the first stone. Finding someone in congress without guilt, would be a rarity.

    Bribery. Hard to determine if an incentive for building a Trump Tower in Russia is a bribe. That’s business as usual for developers.

    Obstruction of Justice? Well, this is easier to prove. Even Clinton was guilty of obstruction of justice when he lied about having an affair. Then, there’s the old saying about how to tell when is a politician is lying. His or her lips are moving. Lying and politics are interchangeable.

    Trump is a matter for the people to decide, not Congress. If the majority of the publics wants him out of office, they just go to the polls and vote for the other crook. It’s just that simple.

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