You can resign now, Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Let’s see now. How is this supposed to go?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press flack, is supposed to deliver briefings to the media covering the White House. And the media representatives gathered before her are supposed to accept what she says as the truth.

Is that how it works? Even after special counsel Robert Mueller’s damning report has revealed Sanders to be as terrible a liar as her boss, the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump Sr.?

In no way can Sarah H. Sanders continue in her role as the spokeswoman for the White House. She needs to quit.  She needs to disappear from the White House Press Briefing Room. She needs to no longer speak publicly about policy matters relating to the commander in chief.

She cannot be trusted any more than her boss, the most untrustworthy man ever to sit in that big ol’ chair behind the Oval Office desk.

Sanders was quizzed on morning news talk shows this week after  Mueller’s report went public. Mueller chronicles how Sanders lied to the media about the reasons Trump fired FBI director James Comey. She said at the time that “countless” FBI personnel had expressed dismay at Comey’s leadership. It wasn’t true. Mueller called her on it. When pressed by media reps, Sanders said she committed a “slip of the tongue.” She didn’t mean “countless.” Oh, but then she said later that “many” had spoken ill of Comey.

She is without trust. Sanders cannot speak with any veracity any longer.

It’s not that Trump deserves a truth-teller to speak for him. The man cannot tell the truth himself. Thus, he is getting what he deserves. The losers are members of the media, who report the news to the public.

If this individual, Sanders, cannot speak to the media directly, then her job is over. She has nothing left to do, nothing to offer.

You may quit any time, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Robert Mueller has revealed you to be a liar. In no way can you be trusted from this moment forward.

One thought on “You can resign now, Sarah Huckabee Sanders”

  1. The job of the White House press corps is to deliver the information that the Administration of the office of the president wishes to be released to the media. Politics to my mind seems to feel that truth is often in the eye of the beholder; that is true of both parties and that also applies to the media. For two years all we have heard from them is Trump is an agent of Russia, Trump hates immigrants and minorities, and the Mueller report will prove it. I would say that Sanders has done a good job of defending the Presidents positions from attack by the often hostile media, has mostly answered their questions fairly, and has carried herself professionally in public. I would say that the President is fortunate to have her and should try to keep her for as long as she wishes to duel on a daily basis w/ the press. I’m not so sure that all the information in the Mueller Report should be taken as the “Gospel Truth” as most of his team support Democrats and, at least to me, leave the impression that their motivation was not to find the truth, but to impede the President’s political agenda. I am surprised at your seemingly personal attack on Sanders. You, of all people, should know that politics is often a chess match of words, spoken and unspoken. Not how it should be, but it is,

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