No, Mr. POTUS: Mueller hasn’t ‘disappeared’

“Robert Mueller was a God-like figure to the Democrats, until he ruled No Collusion in the long awaited $30,000,000 Mueller Report. Now the Dems don’t even acknowledge his name, have become totally unhinged, and would like to through the whole process again. It won’t happen!”

OK, Mr. President. Let’s chill out for a moment.

This Twitter message you fired off this morning is, shall we say, another lie. But that’s not news, given that you lie whenever your lips move.

I lean toward the Democrats. I have been more than willing to mention Robert Mueller’s name whenever possible. I happen to think much more of him than I do of you.

I also have declared my intention to accept whatever findings Mueller would reach as it regarded allegations of collusion. He has ruled that you and your 2016 presidential campaign didn’t conspire to collude with Russians who attacked our election system.

But he surely has recognized that the Russkies did it. He joins your national security team — which you continue to disparage — in saying that Vladimir Putin’s government sought to influence the election outcome. Putin wanted you elected over Hillary Clinton. He got his wish.

As for Mueller, I must remind you that he made no conclusion about obstruction of justice. At least that is what Attorney General William Barr told us.

You also ought to avoid the “unhinged” talk, Mr. President. If anyone has spiraled out of control over the past couple of years, it’s you.

How about shutting your trap until we see the entire report that Mueller plopped on AG Barr’s lap?

I don’t know why I bother mentioning this to you, given that you have zero shame, zero self-awareness, zero character, zero redeeming qualities that commend you for the office you currently occupy.

I just can’t help myself.

One thought on “No, Mr. POTUS: Mueller hasn’t ‘disappeared’”

  1. I agree that Trump’s tweets are unnecessary and have nothing behind them but miscellaneous ramblings. As to Mueller, he found no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians. He was hired to investigate. If what he found did not implicate Trump in collusion, then I side with him. Apparently the Democrats can’t accept facts…. especially if they don’t confirm what they wanted them to confirm. In this way, the Democrats are just as irresponsible as Trumps Tweets. But…… Mueller did find evidence of Russian interference. Democrats and Republicans need to take heed, that our already flawed election process in not secure and take steps to secure the process for the future……….unless, the Democrats don’t want a secure election system for some stange and suspicious reason.

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