Hey, we won! Let’s destroy some property!

I am trying to grasp what went through the mind of the dipsh** who said Saturday night: Hey, we won that basketball game tonight, so let’s go tip some cars over and light them on fire!

Texas Tech’s Red Raiders won a game Saturday to put them into tonight’s NCAA men’s college basketball championship contest against Virginia.

I don’t know if Tech is going to win. I hope the Red Raiders do. I also hope Lubbock can keep its sanity to avoid a repeat of what happened Saturday night.

Lubbock police had to deploy its riot squad to put down the disturbance.

This is the kind of behavior that mystifies me. There is no explaining it. Teams win at games that determine championships and their fan(atic)s go bonkers . . . which I guess is why the word “fan” is derived from “fanatic.”

So . . .

If the Red Raiders win tonight, let’s keep our cool. Hoist an adult beverage if you’re so inclined. Same for those of you in Charlottesville, Va., if the Cavaliers manage to win.

No need — not ever! — to destroy people’s property.

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