Yes, I agree: Something is wrong with DJT

Bob Cesca isn’t a medical or a mental health professional, to which he admits. He writes for Salon. com and is a critic of the president of the United States, Donald John Trump.

That all stipulated, I have to agree with his essay in Salon: There is something seriously wrong with Donald Trump.

Just watch his two-hour tirade at the Conservative Political Action Conference the other day. I don’t know how one can reach any other conclusion after watching the president’s extraordinary rant in front of the CPAC faithful.

Cesca takes particular note of the time Trump — while running for president in 2016 — mocked New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski’s disability. Imagine him doing that for two hours, Cesca wondered. I can’t go there. The image of candidate Trump’s hideous mocking of Kovaleski is just too disgusting on its face.

Take a look at Cesca’s essay here.

And yet the Trump Faithful continue to hang on to his every idiotic statement, every one of the absurd insults he hurls at those who oppose him. They cheer him on. They whoop and holler. They chant things like “Lock her up!” even without prompting.

They have no sense of what they did when they managed to give this fool an Electoral College victory in 2016. Why, he speaks their language. It’s as if they all would do and say the same thing if they had a stage as large as the one occupied by the 45th president of the United States.

Indeed, there appears to be something wrong with this guy. I’m not sure if it’s pathological. It’s just . . . something.

Scary, man. It’s damn scary.

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