Trump vows that no future president should go through it

That’s fine, Mr. President. Go ahead and make your blustering claim to promise that no future president should endure what you have brought upon yourself.

Robert Mueller says you didn’t collude with Russians who attacked our electoral system. Yes, the former FBI director has locked arms with intelligence chiefs in acknowledging what you (in)famously denied in the presence of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

I accept, Mr. President, that Mueller did what he was charged to do, which was to determine whether you were a “Russian asset” during the 2016 election. He said you were not. I accept Mueller’s findings.

However, if you intend to ensure that no future president should go through what you went through, the burden falls on American voters. We shouldn’t elect pathological liars to the office of president. That is what we got when you won the Electoral College vote in 2016.

Mr. President, you lie gratuitously. You lie on matters large and small. You are incapable of telling us the truth, sir. Your minions lied on your behalf about the Russians and about your relationships with them. They lie. You lie.

How are we supposed to take a single, solitary thing you say as true, Mr. President? I know the answer to that rhetorical question. We cannot believe anything that comes out of your mouth. You are untrustworthy in the extreme.

My goodness, you lied about “total exoneration” even as Attorney General William Barr was telling us that Mueller did not exonerate you on the obstruction of justice allegation.

So, let’s stop with the threats of retribution and your empty promise to prevent “future presidents” from answering the questions that have been posed to you and your associates.

The burden is ours, Mr. President. We need to turn you out of office next year and elect someone who is capable of telling us the truth.

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