Trump throws scare into flying public … nice!

An Ethiopian Airlines jet crashes after takeoff and 157 people from 35 countries — including eight Americans — perish in an instant.

What, then, does the president of the United States say? He declares that air travel has become too complicated. You need to have an engineering degree from MIT to fly these jetliners, Donald Trump says via Twitter.

The head of Boeing Co., called the president and asked him to dial back his rhetoric about commercial air travel. He tells Trump flying remains a safe way to travel.

However, the president once again demonstrated his remarkable lack of empathy and compassion. What’s more, he also doesn’t explain why federal aviation regulators continue to let the Boeing 737 Max 8 jetliner fly in this country while most of the rest of the world is grounding the jets.

It’s the second crash of this “state-of-the-art” aircraft in recent weeks. What’s going on with this airplane?


One thought on “Trump throws scare into flying public … nice!”

  1. It’s too early to determine the cause of these crashes. Two crashes out of how many flights of this aircraft. Pilot error, software error, mechanical malfunction? Neither Black Box has been analyzed. So, we don’t know what contributed to the crash.

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