Nothing close to ‘rare form’ for POTUS

I had thought it would be good to lead this post with a declaration that Donald J. Trump was in “rare form” Thursday night at his campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Then it occurred to me: The rant he delivered to an adoring crowd was an all-too-common occurrence from the 45th president of the United States.

The particularly shameful part of Trump’s tirade was his disgraceful, despicable denigration of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. It’s not enough for Trump to challenge someone’s policy positions, or their public votes, or their philosophical leanings.

Ohhh, no! This president employs fifth-grade-style language to criticize his foe’s appearance, which he did Thursday in Grand Rapids. He called Schiff “little pencil neck,” which quite naturally drew raucous laughter from the packed house full of Trumpsters. They just loved hearing the president of the United States of America denigrate the physical appearance of a former federal prosecutor who happens to chair a key House committee. Schiff has been highly critical of the president and his conduct during the 2016 campaign. I do not believe he ever has said anything publicly about Donald Trump’s physical appearance.

This is the rhetoric of an individual who vowed to “make America great again.” He said he would be an “unconventional” president. He promised to restore dignity to the nation’s highest office. Trump pledged to “put America first.”

None of that kind of schoolyard bullying is going to accomplish any of it. But . . . none of that will dissuade this president from continuing his hideous insult campaign against his foes.

Oh, I truly wonder how in the name of decency, dignity and decorum those who comprise Trump’s political base can continue to support this individual’s moronic public behavior.

Someone will have to explain it to me.

I’m all ears. Anyone? Hello?

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