Will there be another shutdown?

I will stop short of predicting what will happen with regard to the reopening of the entire federal government. My predicting ability has gone all to hell.

However, something is whispering into my good ear that Republicans and Democrats in Congress have gotten a snootful from their constituents about the record-setting partial shutdown. The folks back home didn’t like it and they will demand that House members and senators do everything in this entire world to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Donald Trump said he would gladly take credit for shutting down part of the government. Then when he did shut it down, he blamed Democrats for it. No one with half a brain should have taken that bait. Some folks did, though.

It lasted 35 days before the president strutted onto the White House lawn to say he was “proud to announce” the end of the shutdown. He wanted money to build The Wall along our southern border. He didn’t get it.

The full government reopened until Feb. 15. That’s when the money runs out again.

Don’t hold me to this, as I am not predicting it. If they do allow the government to shutter itself again, it only will prove that our collective government officials in two of our three branches are dumber than a sack of hammers.

They also have political death wishes.

As for whether Donald Trump declares a “national emergency” on the border where none exists, there will be hell to pay on that bit of foolishness, too.

Isn’t this new year starting out in grand fashion?

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