The Wall becomes a metaphor

Donald Trump promised to build a “big, beautiful wall” if voters would elect him president of the United States.

He got elected. Then he kept hammering home a related promise, that Mexico would pay for it. Mexico  won’t pay for The Wall.

Trump has continued to hype The Wall, which has become the reason he shut down part of the government, furloughing hundreds of thousands of federal employees, putting them in financial peril; oh, but the billionaire says he can “relate” to them. Uh, huh. You bet.

Now The Wall has become something else. It’s no longer going to be a concrete wall. It’ll be made of steel. It will be made of see-through slats. Steel will be “more expensive” than concrete, Trump said.

So, is The Wall going to be built? Or not? Will it be an actual wall? Or will it be a metaphorical symbol?

I am confused. I am baffled. I cannot wrap my noggin around what this goofball is trying to say and do.

Meanwhile, that damn government shutdown continues with no apparent end in sight. Those federal workers are still without any income. Their families’ financial peril is deepening. Donald Trump is trying to make hay out of a fabricated “national emergency.”

What in the name of political insanity am I missing?

Let’s just try to keep this item at the top of our attention: The president pledged that Mexico would pay for it. Now he is demanding that you and I fork over the money — as much as $5.6 billion — to build a barrier that won’t solve a thing.

The president has shut down part of the federal government in order to break one of his signature campaign promises.

This is not how you make America great again!

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