Houston police chief wants help to fight the real crisis

The “crisis” to which Donald Trump has referred is not on our southern border, says Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo. “It’s on the streets of our cities,” he says.

Thus, he wants the president to redirect his attention away from the border to cities such as Houston, which are fighting home-grown criminals who seek to do harm to their communities and the people who live in them.

I stand with Houston’s top cop.

The president is stoking fear along our border by suggesting that hordes of illegal immigrants are pouring into the country to commit all manner of violent crimes against U.S. citizens. Acevedo says his city is strapped to the hilt while trying to battle criminals who already are here.

I’m pretty sure Trump would hear similar horror tales from police chiefs all across the nation. If the president wants to spend $5.7 billion to build The Wall, he ought to redirect that effort to providing federal assistance to local law enforcement authorities who aren’t ever going to turn away aid when it arrives.

Listen to the chief, Mr. POTUS.

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