Happy Trails, Part 135: Staying ‘flexible’

Time for an acknowledgment: Retirement hasn’t swallowed so much of my time that I am unable to relax . . . at least not yet.

I’ve heard fellow retirees say, “I’m busier now that I am retired than I ever was when I was working for a living.” Hmm. Well, that’s still a foreign concept to me.

Don’t misunderstand. I like the flexibility that retirement builds into my daily life.

We met friends for dinner last night. One of them asked what plans we had for the following day. Our short answer? None; we’re retired!

So it goes for my wife and me these days.

It’s a marvelous feeling in so many ways.

For instance, we had a house-shopping appointment scheduled for Monday. We had to postpone because something had come up. “Is that OK with you?” came the question. Sure it is. I didn’t say at the time, but retirement gives all the flexibility in the world.

The day might arrive — maybe soon — when I will find things to occupy most of my waking hours. There could be volunteer opportunities that appeal to me. That day could be just around the corner. Or it might be a long way off.

It doesn’t matter to me when, or if, that day arrives. For the moment and maybe forever I am enjoying not having to answer to anyone — other than my bride.

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