Trump goes ballistic … to what end?

I have to ask: Has the president of the United States lost what passes for his mind?

Donald Trump cannot contain his anger over the recount in Florida’s race for the U.S. Senate. Rick Scott, the Republican governor who is running for the Senate, clings to a narrow lead over the incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.

Trump has joined the fight. He now says the recount should stop. He is accusing Democrats of trying to “steal” an election. Gov. Scott, too, is challenging Sen. Nelson directly.

I am in the camp of those who want to ensure that every vote gets counted.

What is so damn troubling is that neither man has a shred of evidence to prove anything improper, let alone illegal, in the vote count.

There appears to be plenty of incompetence, particularly in Broward County, which has a sordid history of election SNAFUs. Corruption? Fraud? Thievery? Where is the evidence?

Trump has managed with his hideous interference is undermine the integrity of our electoral system. He has cast doubt on the motives of those who are trying to sort through this mess.

The president needs to shut his pie hole! He needs to back off. He needs to let the Florida authorities slog through this effort without hectoring and haranguing from the president.

As for Gov. Scott, he also needs to stop flinging accusations around recklessly. He has no evidence, either, of “corrupt liberals” seeking to destroy the integrity of the system.

I’ll concede readily that Florida is exhibiting a jaw-dropping level of incompetence. I am not willing to buy into the idiocy being bandied about by Republicans — led by the president of the United States himself — that there’s an election robbery under way.

One thought on “Trump goes ballistic … to what end?”

  1. The voting system is flawed. This is not the first time that Broward County in Florida has had some questionable ballot counting issues. But it isn’t just this issue. It seems there was a box of ballots found in a warehouse in Arizona, where a close Governor’s race is at issue. Strangely the box contained “only” ballots cast for the Democratic candidate and were just enough to change the outcome. And then there’s a small southern town of 296 population that had over 1500 ballots cast… mostly Democratic votes. Election fraud cannot and should not be ignored. America need honest candidates and honest elections. Politics should consist of both parties working together for the good of the Nation and for the good of it’s population. The Democrats has it’s share of Bad Ideas, but they also have some good ideas. The same can be said of the Republicans. Politics is the fine art of compromise. Do we see any compromise? Do we see politicians working for the people who elected them?…… more than likely they work for the people who financed their campaign. Politicians put themselves first, and it’s a toss up between their party or their deep pocket backers second. Their constituants and a meager 4th

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