Counting down to the finish

I can think of an entire category of Americans who likely are awaiting anxiously the end of the 2018 midterm election campaign.

I’m talking about letter carriers.

I have become acquainted with the young man who delivers our mail. He is a Marine (I don’t like referring to Marines as “former” or “ex-” because once a Marine, well, you know … ) who served in the Persian Gulf War.

The campaign has bombarded us in Collin County with flyers. Man, we get a lot of ’em. Just the other day, I fished eight pieces of mail out of mail box; seven of them were campaign flyers, most of them repeating the messages we had received countless times already.

My hope is that letter carriers all across the land — not to mention the intrepid men and women who do that job in Texas — will enjoy the respite from what has to have provided a terrible burden for them all.

I know for a fact that I certainly will.

Two more days to go. Let’s get this thing done!

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