Read this column about Trump

I want to use this brief blog post to ask you to read a column by a noted columnist for the New York Times.

Thomas Friedman, a Pulitzer Prize winner and a man with a smart and reasoned head on his shoulders, thinks the media need to provide Donald Trump with blanket coverage of his campaign rallies.

Read Friedman’s column here.

Friedman’s essay is a beaut. He suggests that the more Americans watch Trump fly off the rails at these campaign rallies, the more they might understand what many of us have known all along: that he is unfit for the office to which he won election in 2016.

His insults. His histrionic behavior. His utterly undignified and unpresidential demeanor. His mocking of foes. His idiotic lies.

They all come to the fore at these rallies.

Friedman dismisses the calls by some anti-Trump folks who want the media to ignore Trump’s rallies. He says quite the opposite.

He wants “blanket coverage.” The public needs to watch this individual in action. Just maybe enough Americans will start to get the picture. Donald Trump is not fit for the high office he occupies.

As Friedman writes: “I just know that the G.O.P. Congress and Fox News are too compromised to ever tell Trump, ‘Enough.’ But there are decent Republican moderates who, while they may never pull the lever for a Democrat, just might get too disgusted to vote. It’s the best hope. So let’s keep them fully informed about our president.”

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