Settle down, Mr. POTUS

Why in the world is Donald John Trump Sr. so darn angry?

He is lashing out yet again at our North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies in advance of a NATO summit.

I mean, c’mon, man! You’ve been elected to the highest office in the land; you live in damn good public housing (even though you once called the White House a “dump”); you have access to state-of-the-art public transportation; you eat well; you’ve got that big nuclear button at your fingertips.

Still, he rails and rants at our allies. NATO comprises nations that signed on after World War II to an agreement to protect each other in case of an attack from the Soviet Union. The USSR faded into oblivion in 1991, but the need remains strong, with Russia making noises about European conquest.

So, why is the president continuing his anger campaign … against our friends?

As I watch these machinations, I am compelled yet again to wonder: Why doesn’t he channel at least a bit of his outrage against the Russians? They meddled in our election. They sought to influence the election outcome. They have sown the seeds of discord and discontent in our electoral system. They have launched another meddling campaign in the 2018 midterm election here.

Trump’s lingering anger — and this is the least I can say about it — is entirely misdirected.

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