Puppy Tales, Part 54

I am going to brag once again about Toby the Puppy. Take a look at the face in this picture. It is the face of what I believe is the smartest dog on Earth. Hands down. No question.

I make this claim acknowledging how much we also love our grandpuppy, Madden. Today, though, Toby demonstrated a sort of canine intuition I didn’t know existed.

I’ll set the stage.

We were in my study. I was typing a blog entry. Normally, we hear vehicle noise outside all the time. All day and all evening long. It’s no big deal. Toby the Puppy might hear a honking horn. He doesn’t so much as twitch.

I was awaiting my son’s arrival around noon. I didn’t say a word about that pending arrival to Toby.

Then my son arrived. He parked his car outside; it’s important to note that we could not see him from the study. Then he hit his vehicle’s automatic door-locking fob, which produced a honk from his horn.

At the sound of my son’s horn, Toby jumped straight into the air and ran to the front door. His tail was wagging furiously. He was excited to see my son, who I’ll presume he knew would be knocking on the door at that moment.

My son knocked on the door, I opened it and Toby greeted him with tail wags and licks.

This was an amazing display of intuitive skill. For the life of me I do not know how he was able to discern that the sound of that particular horn meant we were about to have company.

They all sound alike to me.

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