Yearning for a simpler TV-viewing era

Our move from Amarillo to Fairview has been mostly seamless, mostly smooth, mostly simple and straightforward.

Except for one element that has become part of modern living.

TV viewing.

I am officially longing for the days when we sat on the couch, able to watch three — maybe four, if you include public television — programs on our TV. When you wanted to change the channel, you lifted yourself off the couch, walked to the set and turned the knob next to the big ol’ picture that was filled with hot tubes inside.

No more.

Today, we watch TV programs that are delivered on a variety of platforms, networks, “streaming” services. You name it, someone will have a way to get it to you.

If you can find a service that works well all the time.

We made the move to Fairview and installed an Internet/TV service packaged together. We were obligated to purchase this service. It ain’t cheap, man! But we did as we were instructed.

My problem at the moment is that we cannot get all the televisions in our new home to operate fully and flawlessly at the same time. Indeed, at this very moment, two of the three TV sets in our home have been rendered inoperable because of the technology associated with the TV service for which we are paying a handsome monthly fee.

I’m a fairly well educated individual. I consider myself to possess above-average intelligence. However, when I get a TV “technician” on the phone and he starts talking me through some of the issues that might be preventing us from getting TV service, my mind freezes up. My brain vapor-locks.

The young man might as well be speaking Martian to me.

High-tech gadgetry — which I consider this new-fangled TV service to be — is intended to expand our entertainment options. I get it. First things first, however. The first order of business is to get it to work right.

To get to that point, I guess I need to become fluent in Martian.

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