What if Obama had done this?

Barack H. Obama once stated he would be willing to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Those on the political right vilified the president for even suggesting such a thing. He’s naive, unprepared, too willing to surrender to the bad guys, they said.

Donald J. Trump came into office. He launched a name-calling campaign against Kim Jong Un. Then he accepted an invitation to meet with him. The president “canceled” the meeting, but then the two sides worked out their differences.

The right’s reaction? The president deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. He’s brilliant! He’s done the impossible!

Hey, I give the president kudos for meeting with Kim, although I concede that my view on that meeting had changed a bit from a year ago, when I said he shouldn’t meet with Kim. Sill, I hope it produces something constructive and, yes, peaceful!

If only the GOP “base” would have recognized what’s good for their guy also might have worked for his immediate predecessor.


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