These cops stepped way over the line

I keep watching that ghastly video of those Mesa, Ariz., police officers pummeling that suspect and am inclined to ask: Didn’t they train these cops how to restrain someone without resorting to this kind of violence?

Many of you have seen it, too. The cops responded to a domestic violence call. They found this guy standing next to a wall. They told him to sit down. He refused. The cops surrounded him. Then they started punching this individual in the face, wrestling him to the ground. Oh, and then they slammed his head into an elevator door.

I should add that the suspect was unarmed!

This police department has some recent history of over-the-top response to first response calls. An officer shot a man to death in a hotel hallway as he was pleading for his life. The officer was acquitted of murder charges, but then was let go by the department.

I have some knowledge about this issue.

In 2013, I was working part-time as a juvenile supervision officer for the Randall County Youth Center of the High Plains. Part of our training involved ways we could subdue residents of the center who, um, resisted obeying our instructions. We were instructed on ways to secure the individuals without resorting to punching, elbowing, kicking … whatever.

My question now as I watch that frightening video of the Mesa cops’ response is this: Weren’t these officers instructed to use similar techniques on the guy they ended up pummeling?

Take a good look at the physical stature of some of those officers. They’re brutes, man!

Mesa, you have a problem.

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