Pelosi: Don’t impeach Trump

Nancy Pelosi has offered an interesting — and to my mind, quite unexpected — analysis on what might lie in store for Donald J. Trump.

She hopes impeachment is not part of his future.

Yep. That’s right. The Democratic U.S. House leader — and someone who wants to become speaker of the House once again — thinks it is in the nation’s best interest to avoid impeaching the president. She sat down for an interview with the Dallas Morning News, which published her responses to questions in today’s edition.

Read the article here.

It’s too divisive. It’s too political. It would bring too much harm to the political process, according to Pelosi.

Do I agree with her? Well, not entirely. It remains to be seen whether he committed any “high crimes and misdemeanors” that rise to the level of impeachment. A special counsel, Robert Mueller, is investigating whether to level formal charges against the president.

The cynic in me — and I don’t consider myself to be of a cynical bent — suggests that Pelosi has based her reluctance to impeach Trump on more political concerns.

She wants to be speaker after the midterm election this year. Suppose the Democrats retake control of the House and Pelosi gets elevated. Does she lead an impeachment march that results in a Senate trial, only to have the president acquitted because the charges don’t persuade a super-majority of senators to convict him?

What does that do to Pelosi’s future as speaker? And would a failed impeachment effort result in Trump’s re-election in 2020?

Then there’s the prospect of Trump being convicted. That means Vice President Mike Pence gets elevated to the Oval Office; a President Pence could run for election in 2020 and possibly lead a Republican wave that produces a GOP retaking of the House of Representatives.

Well, I’ll have to take Pelosi at her word as stated in the Dallas Morning News Q&A.

I find it a remarkable revelation from a staunch and stern Democratic partisan.

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