Happy Trails, Part 108: Every day is a weekend

AMARILLO, Texas — It’s taking me a while to get used to this notion, but it’s sinking in.

I was doing some business today in Amarillo, where we’re visiting and taking care of some personal matters.

I made the transaction and the teller said to me as I walked away, “Have a great weekend.”

To which I said with a slight chuckle, “Every day is a weekend.” The young man who wished me the “great weekend” is in his 20s. I told him, “Yes, I’m old and when you get to be my age you get to say things like that.”

This retirement gig does give one a unique perspective on time. When we don’t have to be somewhere, reporting for work and answering to a boss we are free to come and go as we please.

I’ve been retired now for a few years, but after spending four decades working full- and part-time for others I’ve been a bit slow to react appropriately to the normal throwaway greetings we get as we do business throughout the course of a given day.

“Have a good weekend” clearly is one of those greetings one tosses out. I do it, too.

My sister, who’s been retired for a good bit longer than my wife and I have, has told me how she and her husband laugh out loud when they get those greetings. I don’t guffaw (and I don’t think she does, either) when someone wishes us a “nice weekend.”

There are times when I forget what day it is. I occasionally have to take a breath and think for a moment, “Is this Tuesday, Wednesday … or what?” I hear that’s normal, too.

Just to set the record straight, though, I still wear a watch on my wrist, which I’m told is rather weird for a retired guy. I’m not yet into using my cellphone as a time piece. Maybe that day will come. Just not yet.

Meanwhile, retirement remains the best time of our life.

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