Maybe time is right after all … maybe

I dug a blog post out from nearly a year ago.

I had posited a notion that Donald J. Trump shouldn’t meet with North Korean despot Kim Jong Un. I said Kim wasn’t worth the time or the attention of the leader of the greatest nation on Earth.

Guess what. The president is hoping to meet no later than May with Kim. They’re going to talk about, oh let’s see, denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula? One can hope.

Don’t meet with the dictator, Mr. President

I am not yet ready to fully endorse this planned summit. I remain highly skeptical of the president’s ability to negotiate with the goofball North Korean dictator. Moreover, I have grave doubt about whether the president’s foreign-policy team is able to provide him with the kind of intelligence he needs going into this meeting.

That brings me back to another point: questioning whether the president is able to accept, digest and accept the analysis that his team provides him.

I am backing off just a bit from my earlier declaration saying that Trump shouldn’t meet with Kim.

It’s just a bit.

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