Is this the beginning of the end?

Andrew Sullivan can be forgiven, at least by me, for engaging in a bit of wishful thinking.

He posits out loud about whether Donald Trump finally — finally! — might be facing a form of political doomsday. He writes in “New York” magazine that special counsel Robert Mueller is hot on a trail that could produce evidence that the Trump campaign defrauded the United States while working with a foreign power.

He calls it the closest thing Mueller could find to “collusion.”

Is this the end? Is Trump toast? Sullivan likely hopes it’s true. Frankly, so do I.

The proverbial Cat With Nine Lives has nothing on this guy, the president of the United States. He should have been toast long ago. He survived after:

  • Calling Sen. John McCain a war hero “only because he was captured” by North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.
  • Mimicking a New York Times reporter’s physical disability.
  • Criticizing a Muslim couple whose son was killed in action fighting for the United States against Muslim terrorists in Iraq.
  • Admitting on that “Access Hollywood” tape that he groped women, grabbing them by their genitals.
  • Being caught telling lie after lie after lie all along the campaign trail.

The man got elected president. He didn’t go down in flames, even though in a normal election year he likely would have been dismissed as the clown that he has proven himself to be.

I am not yet willing to hold my breath waiting for Mueller’s investigation to sink Trump.

I’ve said all along — and I’ll likely say it many more times — that this man is unfit for the job to which he was elected. If only he had faced an opponent who wasn’t so badly damaged herself.

Still, I join in Sullivan’s wishful thought process. This guy is way out of his league, dealing with serving the public and acting presidential … you know, that kind of thing.

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