Get ready for key summit? Sure! Fire the secretary of state!

So, this is how you prepare for a potentially history-making summit with a foreign adversary.

You send your secretary of state to Africa, announce — without his knowledge — that you want to meet with the head of a nation with which we still are technically at war.

Then you fire the secretary of state — the nation’s top diplomatic official — and replace him with someone else!

There you go! That’s how you do it!

Donald Trump has just given Rex Tillerson the boot. He has nominated CIA Director Mike Pompeo to replace him.

My head is spinning!

I awoke this morning to this stunner. My first thought when I heard the news was “How in the name of international diplomacy does the president of the United States proceed to meet North Korean dictator/goofball Kim Jong Un with a brand new secretary of state?”

Trump and Tillerson aren’t exactly close. The president didn’t know him when he selected Tillerson to lead the State Department. Tillerson came from the world of big business. He is a straight-talking Texan. Remember the dust-up this past year when he called the president a “moron”? Hey, he didn’t deny saying it.

I guess it went downhill from there, as if it had nowhere to go.

I keep coming back to that five-letter word that so aptly describes the manner in which the president governs this country.


Trump says it’s all good. Everything is under control. The Man at the Top is going to handle it. He told us that “I, alone” can do anything.


In the meantime, the president has a foreign-policy team that seemingly has yet to be brought fully into the loop on what could arguably be the most significant bilateral meeting since President Ronald Reagan got rolled by Soviet chairman Mikhail Gorbachev in that summit in Iceland.

Hang on, man! This Trump-Kim meeting could get really weird.

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