Thinking of a particular WH ‘victim’

There’s no getting around these thoughts regarding the first family, the current residents of the White House.

I cannot stop thinking about how Barron Trump is able to cope with the hideous news surrounding his parents — chiefly his father.

I thought specifically about Barron this morning when I heard that the president’s personal lawyer paid that porn queen $130,000 in supposed “hush money.” Stephen Cohen’s payment came from his personal account, according to media reports. It’s not yet known whether Donald Trump knew of the payment in real time, or has just learned about it along with the rest of the world.

The president denies an alleged affair took place with the porn queen. That begs the obvious question: What’s with the six-figure payment?

We’ve heard already that first lady Melania Trump reportedly is furious over these revelations. But … what about the son? How is the boy’s mother handling that in the family’s private moments?

Barron is the sole innocent victim in all of this, as near as I can figure.

Melania Trump’s reported outrage is real, as it should be. The so-called affair took place in 2006, just after Barron’s birth and only about a year after Donald and Melania Trump were married.

Melania was all grown up when she and Donald got hitched. So she’s not an entirely innocent victim here. She knew of her then-new husband’s previous marital infidelity. I mean — damn! — he bragged about it at the time!

Barron, though, is in an entirely different place altogether. He is now nearly 12 years of age. He is coming of age before our eyes. To be candid, Barron is not the first White House child to be subjected to this sort of tawdry gossip. Chelsea Clinton went through much of it herself while her father was being impeached in connection with an “inappropriate relationship” he had with a White House intern.

At this moment, though, I am saying a prayer for Barron Trump.

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