We’re still grieving, Mr. POTUS; show some leadership

Americans are still in pain over what has happened yet again.

Parkland, Fla., high school students were terrorized on Valentine’s Day when a gunman opened fire, killing 14 students and three educators. He was taken into custody and now stands accused of 17 counts of “premeditated murder.”

Where has the president of the United States been on all this?

Donald Trump went on TV and offered the usual love and prayers. As one of those grieving Americans, I appreciate his expression of support for the victims’ families and their fellow students.

But the president keeps allowing himself to be distracted. He flies off on those Twitter tirades. He becomes consumed by “the Russia thing,” blasting foes and even the FBI and his national security adviser over the indictments handed down by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Meanwhile, he also remains disgracefully silent on the issue of gun violence. He has talked about “mental illness” and “school safety.” What about guns, Mr. President?

Furthermore, when are you going to speak from the depth of your gut about the tragedy that befell those families?

He went to Florida and heaped praise on the first responders, calling them “fantastic” and “incredible.” He didn’t speak publicly to the unspeakable pain of the Parkland community — not to mention the rest of the nation that watched this horror unfold.

The president needs to start acting like … a president.

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