Trump blames Obama as he cancels foreign trip? Yeah, right!

Who in the name of international embarrassment does Donald John Trump think he’s kidding?

The president announced overnight that  he’s canceling a planned trip to Great Britain … because, he said, his predecessor agreed to a deal that cost the United States too much to build a new embassy in London.

Huh? What? Eh?

It’s Barack Obama’s fault that the president isn’t going to take part in a state visit with this nation’s most valuable ally?

This is just my view own view — and I suspect others share it too — but the real reason is quite different. He’s not going to Britain because he would be hooted off the island nation. The Brits cannot stand the U.S. president, who said the mayor of London didn’t do enough to prevent attacks by Islamist terrorists; I’ll add here that the mayor happens to be a Muslim — and Trump made the tasteless remark in the wake of just such an attack!

There’s also that issue of the travel ban that Trump has sought to impose against Muslims seeking entry into the United States.

Yep. The Brits are angry. Prime Minister Teresa May also has received her share of insults from the president.

Donald Trump, though, thinks he governs a nation of 300 million rubes, dolts who cannot grasp the obvious.

Which is that the president of the United States is a embarrassing our nation daily.


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