‘Stable genius’? Really, Mr. President?

I know a lot of smart people. I know actual geniuses. I’ve got few of ’em as members of my family.

Not a one of my friends or family members, the really smart ones, ever feel the need to tell anyone how smart they are.

I consider actual geniuses to be like heroes. People who do really heroic deeds — whether it’s in combat or whether they’re responding to save someone’s life — will not boast about their deeds.

So … why is the president of the United States bragging about how smart he (allegedly) is? I decided to include the pair of tweets with this blog post to illustrate the point.

Donald Trump says he’s a “stable genius.” He boasts about his intellectual wattage.

I’m trying to remember if other “smart” presidents felt the need to boast about their IQ. Did we hear such boasts from, say, Barack Obama, or Bill Clinton, or Jimmy Carter? I mention those three men because Obama was head of the Harvard Law Review, Clinton was a Rhodes scholar and Carter is a Naval Academy grad. Did they brag about their smarts? Uh, no!

Donald Trump can’t help himself.

A new book, “Fire and Fury,” by Michael Wolff, calls the president’s mental stability into question. The author quotes people close to Trump who say he, um, isn’t up to the job.

The president could have responded any number of ways. He could simply remain silent; he could make some sort of bland statement about the assertions being “unworthy of comment.” The “stable genius,” though, has chosen to declare he’s really a smart man.


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