Presidents should be better than this

I consider myself a modern fellow. I believe I am adequately liberated from the hang-ups that bedeviled my parents and grandparents.

However, I remain kind of stodgy in one respect. I expect the leader of my country to be the best we have to offer. I expect the president of the United States to be relatively free of the bad habits that afflict many of the rest of us.

Take for example the latest offering from Donald John Trump. He sat in the White House conducting a serious meeting on immigration reform. He was talking to several key lawmakers: six Republicans and a Democrat. The discussion turned to special protections offered to immigrants from Third World countries.

Then the president blurted out his now-infamous “sh**thole” comment about immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and Africa.

His supporters say he’s speaking for millions of Americans. They say he is using language many of the rest of us use.

I get that. I have been known to pepper my language with terms similar to what the president used. However, there’s a big difference.

Donald Trump is the president; I am not. He is the one who talks about high-minded public policy with other government officials; I talk to my friends and family members. He represents the greatest nation on Earth; I represent only myself.

I want the president to be better than what he continues to demonstrate.

I want him to speak with some semblance of dignity and decorum. He keeps disappointing many of his fellow Americans. We deserve better than what we’re getting from our head of state.

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