When do we demand POTUS to quit?

If we’re going to demand the resignation of a U.S. senator for sexual misconduct allegations …

And demand that a candidate for the Senate step aside because of accusations that he molested underage girls …

And applaud the firing of TV news hosts, anchors and commentators because they, too, faced accusations of sexual misconduct …

When are we going to make these demands of the president of the United States of America? I mean, the head of state of the world’s greatest nation has been heard on tape admitting to groping women, kissing them against their will. He’s actually boasted about barging in on half-dressed beauty pageant contestants’ dressing room.

And the president also has been accused by women of groping them, forcing himself on them. His reaction? He calls them “liars” and once threatened to sue them. He hasn’t followed through on his threat.

When do we start making demands on the Big Man, whose list of sexual transgressions are well-documented. He’s actually admitted to them. Yet we’re giving this guy a pass while dropping the hammer on other powerful men in government, the media and in the entertainment industry?

I’ve noted already how politics often results in punishment that can be called unfair. We concede “it’s just politics.”

When do we call it what it is: blatant hypocrisy?

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