Trump ‘thanks’ Putin for kicking out diplomats? Wow!

Donald John Trump Sr. sat with reporters today while vacationing in New Jersey and took a question about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A reporter asked the president to respond to Putin’s decision to expel 755 U.S. diplomats from Russia in retaliation to the sanctions bill approved by Congress and signed by Trump.

“I want to thank” the Russian president for kicking the Americans out, Trump responded, adding that he had planned to cut the U.S. diplomatic payroll and this gives him a chance to make good on that plan.

No, he didn’t say he was joking. There was no apparent tongue in cheek. The president “thanked” the Russian strongman for punishing the United States.

Oh, and the diplomats who are being given the boot? The president doesn’t have their back, either.

How many more ways does Donald Trump need to show that he has no business occupying the most noble office in the land?

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