Military option for Venezuela? Huh? What?

Hold on a doggone minute, Mr. President!

You said you wanted to “put America first.” You campaigned in those battleground states pledging to concentrate on Americans’ needs while suggesting the United States no longer should be “the world’s policeman.”

Now you’re saying, as you did today, that you are keeping the “military option” open for — gulp! — Venezuela. Are you serious, sir? Are you pulling our leg? Do you mean to suggest that you just might deploy American troops to that South American nation? To do what? To put down a civil uprising?

Yeah, I get that they in the midst of a political crisis. Venezuelans are upset over their leadership. There’s been violence. People have died.

You said, “The people are suffering and they are dying. We have many options for Venezuela including a possible military option if necessary.”

If necessary? What on Earth would make such a thing necessary?

Good grief, Mr. President! Please put a sock in it. Please stop talking so damn openly about sending our troops into yet another possible danger zone.

That’s not how you “put America first.”

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