More frequent mowing? It’s a start, City Hall

Amarillo City Councilman Eddy Sauer posted an encouraging message on Facebook, which reads in part:

At Tuesday’s Council meeting we signed an agreement with TXDOT to increase mowings and weed control on I-40 and I-27. Improving curb appeal is a huge priority for me and the Council. While I’d like to take the credit, this is the result of hard work by city staff and our local TXDOT engineers and coordinators. I am very pleased and proud of how hard our staff is working to embrace the new council’s vision of moving our city forward. We are truly blessed and will continue to work hard to fulfill the commitments we’ve made to our residents. 

It’s a start, councilman.

The city is setting aside some additional money to cover the cost of the increased mowing. But to those who have expressed concern about the appearance of the interstate thoroughfares coursing through the city — such as yours truly — there remains a good bit more work to do.

Mayor Ginger Nelson laid out a detailed platform that included a highway beautification plank in it. I believe she intends to follow through on that pledge.

There ought to be a strategy laid out that enables the city and the state to team up on a landscaping program that dresses up the I-40/27 interchange. I recall when the Texas highway department rebuilt the interchange, flipping the east-west bound lanes with the north-south lanes. It was a huge undertaking. The state decorated the overpasses with colors that mirrored Palo Duro Canyon’s walls.

Then it let the ground under the interchange to become choked by weeds.

I applaud the City Council’s decision to run the mowers more frequently along the interstate rights-of-way. There’s more to do.

2 thoughts on “More frequent mowing? It’s a start, City Hall”

  1. Amen, John. We visited Amarillo in February to go to a friend’s funeral. We were appalled at the weeds and debris along I40 and around some of the homes all over Amarillo. Unfortunately, only the wealthier areas (Wolflin, the Colonies, the Greenways) looked like the homes and lawns are being kept up. The construction along Soncy and 34th made for slow going and eyesores. We thought Amarillo looked tired and didn’t care.

    1. I’ve been traveling a lot lately and have found countless examples of cities taking great care to present pleasant appearances along their highway rights of way. For the life of me I cannot understand why Amarillo cannot do the same thing.

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