Kinky had the right idea

I dug out a blog item I posted in July 2010. It was a brief piece quoting former Texas gubernatorial candidate and current writer/musician/humorist Kinky Friedman.

Kinky said he opposed building a wall along our southern border.

I wrote this seven years ago: “I just heard him tell a TV interviewer that the nation’s first order of business is to secure the border. True enough. But then the humorist, author and former Texas gubernatorial candidate — he ran for governor in 2006 as an independent candidate — went a step further.

“He opposes building a fence along the southern border, an idea getting some traction among Republicans. Why not build a fence? ‘The way things are going in this country,’ Friedman said, ‘we may want to get out.’”

Now, Kinky Friedman’s shtick is as a humorist. Thus, it is difficult to take everything he says seriously.

Then again, he seems to have been ahead of his time.

I had the pleasure of interviewing him when he ran for Texas governor in 2006. I was editorial page editor for the Amarillo Globe-News and he came to the Panhandle to be interviewed by our editorial board. He sought our endorsement. I don’t recall in that interview ever mentioning Donald J. Trump’s name to Friedman; nor do I recall him ever bringing up the name of the future president of the United States.

But you know, his statement then does seem to have a strange ring of truth today as we watch the president make an utter hash out of damn near everything he touches.

Yeah, I do miss Kinky Friedman.

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