Chargers’ owner shows his greed … go figure

I’m not a huge San Diego Chargers fan.

Still, as someone who used to follow the Chargers when they played exciting football in the American Football League, I am dismayed at the news that the team is moving up the Pacific Coast — to Los Angeles.

Greed drove the relocation, in my humble view.

The team’s owner, Dean Spanos, is worth billions. Does he need more money? He thinks so. The city wouldn’t pony up the dough for a new stadium, so he’s taking his football team to LA, he’ll build a new crib for his fellows — and the loyal San Diego fans who filled the Chargers’ stadium for decades will mend their broken hearts.

It sounds familiar, yes?

The Cleveland Browns left the Dog Pound for Baltimore, leaving those fans to mourn their loss; the Baltimore Colts skulked out of town in the middle of the night and made their getaway to Indianpolis; the Oakland Raiders once played in LA, then moved back to Oakland; the St. Louis Rams most recently relocated to the City of Angels; oh, and the Houston Oilers vacated the one-time Eighth Wonder of the World — the Astrodome — for Nashville.

Greed, man! It’s all greed!

My heart usually moans for the fans who are left behind. The owners of these teams — and there have been plenty others — often say the right things while thanking the fans for their loyalty.

However, business is business. Fan support? Who needs it? Now it’s the Chargers’ turn to stiff the fans who’ve ponied up good money over many years to watch their professional team play tackle football.

It saddens me.

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