Bush girls show class and grace in letter to Obama girls

The media have become consumed of late with all the anger, bitterness and sheer crap associated with the transition from one presidential administration to another.

Now we have a profound and beautiful demonstration of class from two young women toward two other young women.

Barbara Bush and Jenna Hager have been at ringside at an earlier transition. They took some time to share their own experiences and to offer congratulations and good wishes to Malia and Sasha Obama.

The daughters of President and Mrs. George W. Bush wrote a lovely note to the daughters of President and Mrs. Barack Obama. The Obama girls are about to enter “civilian life” after eight years in the White House. The Bush girls know what they experienced and felt compelled to offer them good wishes as they, too, look back on the years they spent living in the People’s House.


Take a few minutes to read the letter the Bush girls have written to their fellow soon-to-be-former first children.

I trust it will remind you, as it reminded me, of the inherent goodness that can be found even in this contentious and occasionally angry time.

You’ll feel better after you read it. Honestly!

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