‘Alt-right’ becomes euphemism for something ugly


I hate euphemisms, words meant to clean up ugly images, intentions and motivations.

“Alt-right” has emerged as the euphemism du jour of the moment. It describes haters on the far right.

We hear the term used most prominently from liberal-leaning commentators, pundits, journalists … whoever. They use it when they reference, say, Donald J. Trump’s new chief political strategist, Steven Bannon, former editor of Breitbart News, a far-right propaganda vessel.

“Alt-right” movements have popped up all over the country. They are cheering Trump’s election as president of the United States.

We need to shy away from this “alt-right” nonsense. These groups promote an ugly America. They want to roll back the tide of history.

“White nationalist” is another make-nice word that means “white supremacist.” No need to define what the white supremacist seeks to do. We all know.

This use of verbiage to give these groups some semblance of legitimacy is a relatively new phenomenon. Let’s recall, for a moment, the 1960s.

The nation was roiling with protests from groups one could have said at the time comprised the “alt-left.” We didn’t get that. The “alt-left” described groups such as the Weathermen, or the Students for a Democratic Society. They acted violently to protest government policies in prosecuting the Vietnam War or at home.

Those lefty groups were a destructive force that contributed little to the nation’s political discourse.

Today’s righty groups — which we now call the “alt-right” — are just as destructive.

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