Trump faces fabulous irony: losing to a woman

clinton and trump

There’s more than a touch of irony in the prospect of Donald J. Trump losing the presidential election to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It rests in Trump’s view of women and the undeniable probability that he’s about to get thumped by one of them on Nov. 8.

You’ve heard about Trump’s consistent references to the female anatomy. You even have heard him refer to his own daughter’s looks and how if he weren’t her father, he’d be dating her.

Then, of course, we have the well-chronicled Trumpish description of women as “fat pigs,” which Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly brought up in that notable first Republican primary debate this past fall.

One of the many undercurrents of Trump’s reputation preceding his entry into national politics has been his view of women as something less than his equal. It’s a curious and troubling trend that has come from Trump over many years.

The sexism is apparent — if not outright blatant.

So here we are. We’re two months exactly away from the vote-counting for the presidency.

Sure, the polls — which Trump loves to tout — are tightening. Trump has done a masterful job of casting all shades of negative light on Clinton. Don’t forget, too, that some of that negativity has centered on her “physical stamina” and his contention that she isn’t up to the job of becoming commander in chief.

Is that a sexist campaign ploy? Well … I believe it is.

Oh, the irony.

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