Marital history now an issue?

President Clinton, his daughter Chelsea, center, and wife Hillary walk with Buddy Tuesday, Aug. 18, 1998, from the White House toward a helicopter as they depart for vacation enroute to Martha's Vineyard, Mass. (AP Photo/Roberto Borea)

I cannot believe I am hearing this.

Donald J. Trump is actually considering a new line of attack against Hillary Rodham Clinton that discusses former President Bill Clinton’s extramarital behavior.

Moreover, Trump says he is “comfortable” with his own marital history and believes there’s nothing with which his foes can use against him if he decides to steer this campaign straight into the gutter.

Am I hearing this correctly?

Trump said Bill Clinton’s presidency was a “disaster” and he was impeached for “lying” about an affair he had with the young White House intern.

Disaster? Are you kidding me? Yes, the impeachment soiled the president’s otherwise sparkling record as the head of state. The Senate eventually acquitted President Clinton of the charges brought against him.

So now the discussion is turning in this direction.

And the man who well might take us down the lowest of roads is not worried about his three marriages, his boasting of cheating on at his first two wives, his treatment of women, his hideous statements about them.

This is the criterion we’re using to select the Leader of the Free World? Heaven help us.

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