How do you define a presidential ‘look’?


NBC News’s Lester Holt sought an answer Monday night to something that Donald J. Trump had said about Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Trump had declared that Clinton doesn’t have “the look” to be president, Holt said. What did he mean?

The Republican nominee then said he meant to say “stamina.” Democratic nominee Clinton, of course, beat his brains out with her response about her stamina near the end of the 90-minute joint appearance at Hofstra University.

Back to the “look” issue.

I have to ask: What does a president look like?

I believe I know what the “look” issue is meant to convey. It’s all about Clinton’s gender. To suggest it means anything other than a sexist attack on a candidate is to commit yet another lie.

Stamina? Let’s not go there, either.

If presidents these days are supposed to have some kind of mysterious “look,” then Trump needs to define it for us.

Well, Donald? Do you have the “look”?

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