Austin is ‘weird,’ all right


There’s a saying one sees on bumper stickers or on wall posters in Austin, the capital city of Texas.

It urges everyone to “Keep Austin Weird.”

Well, a fellow named Robert Morrow is doing his part. He’s doing more than his part, actually. He’s gone above and beyond the call.

Morrow is the former head of the Travis County Republican Party. He had to quit his party job when he announced he would run as a write-in candidate for president of the United States.

But before he left his party office, Morrow had some choice words to say about the GOP’s presidential nominee.

When Trump appeared at a campaign rally earlier this week in Austin, Morrow paraded outside the meeting hall with a sign that read “Trump is a child rapist.”

Morrow said later that the party sought to oust him because he had “embarrassed the living f*** out of Trump.”

Texas GOP Chairman Tom Mechler of Amarillo, of course, is having none of Morrow’s behavior. He wants him gone. Morrow, according to the Texas Tribune, responded by inviting Mechler to “perform a sex act” on him.

Mechler, someone I’ve known for years, is moving forward with selecting a new Travis County party chair.

Good luck, Mr. State Chairman, in that search. Just remember: There’s a reason Austin is proud of its weirdness.

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