Pence has it right, Trump is wrong on name-calling


Indiana Gov. Mike Pence might need to consult with his running mate, Donald J. Trump, if he hopes to gain some relevance in the campaign for the White House.

Pence, who’s running as VP with Trump on the Republican ticket, said that “name-calling has no place” in politics.

No kidding. He actually said that. Gov. Pence is correct.

Now, about that consultation.

Trump, the GOP presidential nominee, has won his party’s nomination by deploying a series of epithets and innuendo against his opponents. He’s sprayed more than his share of names while attacking his foes. Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco, Low Energy Jeb come to mind. Now it’s Crooked Hillary.

Will the vice-presidential nominee be able to talk some sense into the man at the top of the GOP ticket?

I don’t know about you, but I am not holding my breath for Trump to discover a shred of decency.

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