All lives matter, including black lives


Pastor Mark Burns did that thing this week that makes me crazy.

He stood before the Republican National Convention delegates and hollered at the top of his lungs that “all lives matter!” as if to suggest that the Black Lives Matter movement means that only black lives deserve to be protected.

Burns, an African-American clergyman — and no doubt a dedicated Republican — brought the house down with his spirited rant.

But he did what so many anti-Black Lives Matter individuals and groups do: He demonized the movement’s message, which isn’t nearly as it’s being characterized by its critics.

The notion that black lives matter doesn’t preclude anyone else. The intent of the movement — which became known after the deaths of young black men who were killed by white police officers — is merely to suggest that the lives of African-Americans count right along with everyone else.

Have some of those Black Lives Matter protestors gotten out of hand in their demonstrations against the cops? Sure they have, the massacre of those five Dallas police officers being the most egregious example. They also have been condemned by politicians of all stripes and all affiliations — and that includes the president of the United States, Barack Obama.

Burns cried out Thursday night on the GOP convention’s last day: “The only colors that matter are the colors of the red, white, and blue!”

Fair enough. But how about ending the demonization of a movement whose message has been distorted beyond recognition?

One thought on “All lives matter, including black lives”

  1. There is one small problem with Black Lives Matter: It was founded on a misconception — that unarmed (and armed) blacks are being killed by police in disproportionate numbers. Research into the matter reveals this is not the case. What law enforcement needs to attend to most is improving vetting of potential cops, improving police training and addressing corruption. Also, allegations of police misconduct should be investigated by an agency of people knowledgeable about but not actually part of the law enforcement community. The police shouldn’t be investigating themselves!

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